Arrington Funeral Directors is excited to be the recipient of the 2020 Pursuit of Excellence Award from The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). This award is presented by NFDA annually to firms that have demonstrated a commitment to raising the bar on funeral service excellence by adhering to strict ethical and professional standards and providing outstanding service to families and communities.

To earn an NFDA Pursuit of Excellence Award, a funeral home must demonstrate proficiency in key areas of funeral service, including compliance with state and federal regulations; staff participation in ongoing education and professional development; offering outstanding programs and resources to bereaved families; maintaining an active level of involvement in the community; active participation in and service to the funeral service profession; and promoting funeral home services through a variety of marketing, advertising and public relations programs. Participants are also required to adhere to a Pledge of Ethical Practices.
Founder and President Bob Arrington said, "Participating in the Pursuit of Excellence program of the National Funeral Directors Association helps to keep us on the cutting edge of funeral service for our community. It keeps us extremely focused in doing more than what is expected for the families we serve. We are proud to have received this award for the 9th year and being the only funeral home in West Tennessee to receive this award."

Arrington Funeral Directors is one of 141 funeral homes to receive the Pursuit of Excellence Award, out of 11,000 eligible funeral homes in the United States and 49 other countries. They are one of only two funeral homes in Tennessee to receive the award, the other being in East Tennessee.