"The Vision"

In 1993, after working several years with a corporate funeral home in Jackson, Tennessee, Bob Arrington decided that it was time to start a family-owned funeral home in Jackson. A funeral home that, because of its independence, could respond to the individual needs of the families it served. Whether it was placing a rose on the pillow of the deceased to bring additional comfort to a grieving family, or allowing a sweet certified therapy dog named Gracie to be present to console children and adults who need help with their grief, Bob had a vision. 

And “The Vision” was clear. Arrington Funeral Directors would be a funeral home whose only mission was to serve each individual family as though it was their own family.

The building was designed on a single level. The front entrance was covered to allow easy, weather-free access. The chapel and visitation rooms were spacious. A minister’s study would offer the pastor and family a place to gather prior to the service. A family lounge, children’s lounge, and a covered patio would allow families to spend time together in a comforting environment.

In 1993, land was acquired in north Jackson on West University Parkway. Ground was broken in the fall of 1994 and Arrington Funeral Directors opened in June of 1995.  

In keeping with “The Vision,” Bob realized the need for a Crematory. Cremation was growing in popularity at the time, so his mission to fulfill every family’s needs drove him to open the first crematory in Jackson in 1997. It remains the only crematory in Jackson today and gives Arrington Funeral Directors the flexibility to provide a host of cremation options to the families it serves. 

In 2000, Charles Rahm joined Arrington Funeral Directors. Charles was a highly experienced Funeral Director who brought a vast amount of expertise to the firm as its General Manager. Most importantly, he had the same vision that still drives Arrington Funeral Directors today.

“The Vision” continues to drive expansion of the funeral home and the services it offers. Many technological advances have been added to provide a more meaningful funeral and visitation visual experience. Screens have been added to the lobby and visitation rooms to allow more people the ability to view the funeral service if additional seating is needed. The staff now includes four licensed funeral directors, two apprentice funeral directors, five certified crematory operators, three pastors, two pre-need counselors, and a certified therapy dog/grief counselor.  

“The Vision” has been realized and "The Mission” remains paramount: Serve families as if they were your own and provide a level of service that far exceeds their expectations. It is our hope at Arrington Funeral Directors that you would honor us by allowing us to serve your family.

A Defining Difference—More Options

In an ongoing effort to offer families options they have not had in the past, Arrington Funeral Directors provides families with amenities like a separate children's lounge, a grief library of books and videos, aftercare counseling, a one-level facility accessible by all, and a chapel wired for the hearing impaired. In the last few years, Arrington has invested in upgrades for its audio and video presentation, remaining ahead of other funeral homes in the area in the services offered, such as live webcasting services so that family and friends can participate in the service even when they are unable to attend. These are all options the community has come to expect in personalized funeral service.

"That is precisely how we plan to continue to grow Arrington Funeral Directors, by offering a level of service beyond what is expected and a wide range of options for families that is second to none
" - Bob Arrington