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We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

  • Your funeral home went out of their way to satisfy the needs of our family.

    Sandra B.
  • Thank you so much for all your staff has done for us. I cannot express with words how wonderful all of you are. Joseph was great. Love him as he is so compassionate and kind.

    Darlene J.
  • I could not have been more satisfied.

    Elsie S.
  • Bob is the best man I know. He was great in my time of need. Thanks, my friend.

    William S.
  • The staff made a terrible time more bearable. We are extremely pleased with our experience. Dad looked wonderful. The staff went above and beyond by letting us have our service indoors since it was pouring rain. I would definitely recommend your funeral home.

    Annette B.
  • We were very pleased and will recommend you to others.

    Betsy F.
  • Thank you, Bob, for your personal/caring help during this very difficult time. Arrington lessened the burden and your personal attention eased the pain. You are appreciated!!!

    Cary H.
  • Could not have asked for better service.

    Jerry W.
  • Everyone was helpful and kind and made it easy to do business with.

    Kay G.
  • Pleased with staff and how everything was handled.

    Dale J.
  • We made our arrangements in Memphis several years ago, before we dreamed of moving to Jackson. Mr. Rahm was with us thru the entire time. It was a comfort to know that he drove my husband back to Memphis one last time. The coordination between the 2 funeral homes was seamless.

    Diane R.
  • Thank everyone so much for the care they gave my momma and my daughter and myself. Y'all rock!

    Angela B.
  • The staff was very thoughtful and comforting through the entire process of the funeral. Our family will recommend Arrington to friends.

    Jannette C.
  • Very professional staff, very helpful during a most difficult time.

    Mike C.
  • The services offered me in preparing all the paperwork was done with efficiency and knowledge.

    Clarita M.
  • My family and I were very satisfied with the service and attention to all the details that we received. Don't know of anything that could have made our experience any better.

    Cathy M.
  • Charles assisted in our services and was very comforting. It helped (or rather he helped) that in many ways we felt like we weren't doing a funeral. Thank you.

    Susan B.
  • We were very pleased with every aspect.

    Peggy D.
  • Your assistant Cliff is wonderful! Such an asset to your company!

    Judy P.
  • Charles was great. Made everything easier during a difficult time. Made me and my family feel like we were his only priority.

    Beth R.
  • Utmost professionalism and service. Exceeded all expectations in caring for our family through a difficult time.

    Ron S.
  • We were SO pleased with the process from start to finish. Bob, Charles, and Dick were exceptional to work with. We will never use any other facility or provider.

    Drew N.
  • Wonderful staff to work with. Mr. Bob was wonderful - I can't thank him enough!

    Wendy P.
  • Everything was really nice especially the people working there and everything else was excellent. Thank you for caring.

    Janet C.
  • Thanks to everyone involved. God bless you all!!

    Beverly F.
  • 110% satisfied

    Tim H.
  • I was VERY impressed with your way of making arrangements as I sat there in support of my nieces who unexpectantly lost their mother. You have a lovely facility and caring staff!!

    Julie F.
  • Joseph was the one who worked with us. We could not have had anyone more caring. He was Super great. Very caring and concerned about our feelings.

    Wanda A.
  • We plan to use Arrington for all of our future needs. The staff (including the therapy dog) made one of the most traumatic of events an easy, trouble free and peaceful experience. Why would anyone use another facility?

    Gay F.
  • Bob Arrington went above and beyond when he gave me another flag at my father's funeral!!

    Tina H.
  • My husband and I both have pre planned with Arrington. They went above and beyond to make everything as we wanted for my husband's funeral.

    Mary Ann R.
  • Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for the heirloom tapestry. The warmth, comfort and "hug", the personalized heirloom tapestry given, were heartfelt. The magnificent crafted rose placed on the pillow by Cliff Walker gave a sense of peace and joy, during a time of deep grief, as Charles Rahm and Cliff prepared to move my husband from our home to the funeral home. The rose conveys many memories that will be cherished through life's journey. Each staff member was professional, attentive to every detail, and reverent throughout the process. With Charles leading the way our family could not have had a better experience during a very difficult time. Thank you!

    June H.
  • Heartbroken to lose my husband. There on the bed was the most beautiful rose! I shall treasure the moment it was found forever!

    Patricia B.
  • Everything they did was Respectful for my husband, a veteran. They treated him with awesome dignity.

    Berniece M
  • So helpful and caring for my every need. The memorial service was beautiful. God bless each of you. You helped make the situation easier for me.

    Charlotte M.
  • Thanks for all you and your staff did for our family.

    Troy G.
  • The family was well pleased. Loved the service dog.

    Joyce C.
  • Arrington has been used for several of our family's services. The staff went beyond our expectations in personal touches and caring. I would recommend them.

    Mary T.
  • My husband's passing was hard on everyone, especially my daughter and I. Everyone there was amazing and kind. We absolutely loved Gracie. Thank you for making the hardest week of our life easier.

    Sharalie D.
  • The service was for my dad. Previous service was for my mother. My husband and I have already done our funeral planning with Arrington. We have complete trust in them.

    Judy F.
  • Bob Arrington and staff are the best. Great job!!

    Ricky K.
  • Charles was exceptional and we appreciate him so much!

    Kellie L.
  • Thanks for all Joseph Lane did for our family.

    Sandra F.
  • The Arrington's, both of you, and your staff are excellent. Every touch was just perfect. We love the throw you are doing. They are so thoughtful.

    Anne B.
  • My husband and I made arrangements 4-5 years ago before the need arose. The Arrington's are "tops."

    Roberta H.
  • Mr. Lane and Cliff were so accommodating, welcoming, and patient. I felt that I was listened to and details were picked up on that made the service more sentimental. Mr. Lane and Cliff were genuinely kind, and they seemed so happy to take care of my family.

    Emily H.
  • Great people!

    Allen J.
  • Everyone was so nice to me and my family.

    Donna H.
  • Everyone was patient, kind, and caring in assisting us with our dad's funeral service. You helped make a very difficult time in our lives tolerable.

    Ronnie D.
  • Would like to Thank everyone who helped on such short notice like they did and for understanding me and my uneasiness during this time; it was very hard and difficult for me to do. Thanks Again oh so Very Much.

    Christina C.
  • I thank you for the service for my sister. I have told people our experience there. Thank you and your staff. Job Very Well Done!

    Joann B.
  • Charles Rahm and all the staff have been awesome!

    Kathy W.
  • Thank you for making a terrible situation easier.

    Frank L.
  • Everything was great. They went above and beyond to meet our needs.

    Stephanie C..
  • We are very blessed to have Arrington in our community. Charles Rahm is one main reason for our decision in using Arrington for our parents' funeral. I can't imagine the funeral home's success without Mr. Rahm.

    Laura R.
  • When I think of Arrington Funeral Home, my first thought goes to the beautiful cross-stitched angles lining the walls! My mother always requested we use your services when her time comes and I feel one reason was the angels!

    Marilyn K.
  • Everyone was wonderful and went out of their way for us. I also loved Gracie as several people mentioned her to me and I thought it was great having her there.

    Beth B.
  • Charles made the process of planning my dad's funeral as easy as it possibly could be. There is not a more caring staff in this business like the staff at Arrington. The comfort, love and support shown is priceless and I am forever grateful They honored my dad in an outstanding way. Thank you.

    Nikki C.
  • Mr. Bob Arrington and the staff were very helpful and kind during our time of grief. The tapestry gifted to my mom was wonderful. Mr. Rahm delivered the memorial flowers and guest book to mom's house after the service. All funeral homes should take a lesson or two from Arrington. They really went above and beyond what I was expecting.

    Jennifer H.
  • Mr. Rahm was awesome. He helped us through the process and was empathetic during the difficult time. Many of our friends and family were very complimentary of the service. He was very thorough and considerate.

    Janet G.
  • The service for out mother was beautiful; very caring staff, and very helpful during a hard time in my life. Would recommend Arrington to anyone.

    Michael T.
  • Arrington was over the top with kindness and compassion. No pushing to make a decision or choice of anything! Treated us as if we were the only family in the world at that time. Your building is beautiful and soothing to families. Our EVERY need was met! The video and the song video was wonderful. Thank you for the most comforting service we could have ever had in the death of a family member. My husband and I both will use Arrington for our services. You did a great job!! Joseph Lane made us feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. We could not have had a better person to help us! 10+ for Joseph!!

    Sandra M.
  • Since this was a sudden death of one so young, the shock factor and loss was overwhelming and they made the arrangements with caring concern and didn't push other arrangements on us.

    David S.
  • The staff were all very helpful and easy to work with. I think you all are the Best.

    Patty W.
  • I appreciate all the help we received during this difficult time of losing our mother. I have shared our wonderful experience with friends and family.

    Janie M.
  • His funeral was pre-planned out of state and we had a funeral there and here also. The two funeral homes worked extremely well together and kept me informed. It was very smooth and made my life easier at this difficult time.

    Carolyn J.
  • Service was excellent - Thanks to Mr. Lane.

    Onus K.
  • Very professional and courteous. Many thanks!

    Von Y.
  • Thank you for all your help that you provide to my family.

    Danna H.
  • We were very pleased by the care taken to arrange pictures, etc., at the viewing. Gracie is precious as is all the staff! Thank you.

    Margorie K.
  • Could not have wished for a better experience.

    Tammy W.
  • Everyone went above and beyond what I expected.

    Christie V.
  • Bob Arrington & Charles Rahm were very accommodating to our needs. Staff was very caring and knowledgeable. Pre-arranging my husband's funeral was the best decision I made when my thoughts were not on the cancer at the time. Making arrangements ahead of time was good to do when we were in another frame of mind.

    Carmen B.
  • I appreciate the entire staff of Arrington's. Everyone was so kind and helpful - down to the smallest detail - I had all the help and support I needed. All I can say is everyone went above and beyond all my expectations. You will always be a part of my family! Thanks so much.

    Linda V.
  • Bob Arrington and staff are the best - would not go anywhere else for this service. They have taken are of 4 of my family members. Thank ALL of you.

    Kit G.
  • Arrington has a compassion for it's clients that is immeasurable at a time of great difficulty and sensitivity. I am grateful for their ministry and me and my family highly recommend them for any and all funeral and grief services.

    Ricky C.
  • Great service, caring, compassionate, professional, respectful and friendly - that is what Arrington Funeral Directors means to us. The Arrington staff comforted our family when our dad passed away. Plus, having Gracie, the therapy dog with us was extra special for my family. Thank you for all your help.

    Paula M.
  • Everyone was great! I am so glad that I brought my loved one to Arrington. They are the best! Thank you so much!

    Jim C.
  • My husband passed away at 12:47am. At 2am, the director and associate were at my door dressed in suits and ties. They showed respect for the family and my husband from the moment they arrived. They understood our grief and respected us.

    Jo A.
  • The ability of the staff to personalize mom's service was above anything we could have hoped it to be. They made the UT Vols theme match mon's love of the Vols. They also made our family feel at peace with this being the 3rd service in 6 months for our family. Thanks you from the Jernigan and Cupples family.

    Nancy Lea J.
  • I have already recommended your services to others. I could not have asked for a more responsive caring group. The service was beautiful - but then most of that was my planning. But there were extra touches the funeral home added that went beyond expectations (as the blanket) with my wife's picture that really moved me.

    Bill R.
  • I have had 3 family members and have used Arrington each time. They are perfect in every way. They anticipate your every need. I cannot praise them highly enough!

    Eliza F.
  • The Arrington Family went way beyond our expectations in meeting our needs. Thanks to each one of them for such personal and responsive care. We would recommend your services to anyone.

    Ruth H.
  • Thank you so much for providing such an excellent service for my family and answering all my questions patiently and for being so professional in all the proceedings. Appreciate your empathy and sympathy as well.

    Sandy C.
  • Everyone made our family feel welcome and comfortable. Would highly recommend Arrington to anyone. They treat you with dignity and compassion. Feel we made the best decision.

    Alice E.
  • August 26, 2019

    Thank you for providing such a beautiful service for our beloved Mildred Rushing. The music was the best I have ever heard. How blessed Jackson, TN is to have a caring & compassionate funeral home with the kindest people. You have made this sad time easier to bear.

    L. R.
  • May 20, 2019

    Dear Joseph, Cliff, and Arrington Staff, Thank you so much for everything you did to make my mom's service so perfect. Every detail was so well thought and considerate. I appreciate your hard work, communication, and kindness during a time when I had no clue how to act or what to do. You all will hold a special place in my heart, and I am forever grateful. Love, E. H.

    E. H.
  • This was for my mother who had pre-planned and paid for services years earlier. Joseph was excellent with his guidance during a difficult time.

    Carol W.
  • The staff at Arrington Funeral Directors went over and beyond what we were expecting. Joseph Lane and Cliff Walker were excellent to work with. We highly recommend Arrington to anyone needing their services and will definitely use them again.

    B. L.
  • Every single service I have attended at Arrington has been "Above & Beyond" outstanding! Beautiful facility and grounds.

    R. V.
  • When our adult son passed away we were unfamiliar with planning a funeral. Bob Arrington and his staff were so thoughtful and kind, in helping us with such a tragic loss. We appreciate everything he did for our family, more than words can express.

    Don H.
  • We could't have asked for a better experience in the midst of our grief. We were impressed that every single detail, request, and need was done so effortlessly. Thank you all for making it easier for us.

    Harry B.
  • Arrington made this difficult time in our lives much easier to deal with.

    Jane L.
  • We received the greatest of care from everyone who served us during our loss. From the moment our loved one passed to the final papers were signed, we were treated with respect and compassion. We can't begin to express our heartfelt thanks to Charles Rahm for all he did to help us through this difficult time.

    Bonnie T.
  • We were very satisfied with the services provided by Arrington. Everyone was complimentary and we feel Arrington went above and beyond to help us.

    Bobby J.
  • The family was impressed by the people who worked there. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond my expectations. Knowing the caring hearts of the employees influenced me to use Arrington.

    Ann. D.
  • Everyone was wonderful. The atmosphere and the compassion of the staff made this day peaceful for our family.

    Debbie H.
  • No hitches; all went as planned; as positive an experience as it could have been in dealing with the death of a loved one.

    Carol P.
  • Everyone was great to work with having everything pre-planned helped tremendously. Thank you for every attention to detail and making it a very easy process during a difficult time. We appreciate all you did.

    D. A.
  • Could not have been better. Personnel were outstanding, very helpful, & caring.

    Nancy Jane H.
  • Mr. Charles was exceedingly helpful, caring, understanding, and flexible. I'm thankful for the way he helped me through this. And the blanket made for us was just perfect. Really much nicer and thoughtful than I expected. Thank you

    M. M.
  • I cannot express how personal attention was given to me which was very important at this time in our lives.

    Thresia P.
  • Arrington went above and beyond for our family during the loss of my mother. It was quite honestly very comforting for me during the difficult time. They service was perfect all of the add-ons were perfect. I give them a 10 out of 10.

    K. S.
  • Everyone we came in contact with was compassionate and willing to help us with anything. When we came by. everyone took their time with us and never made us feel rushed.

    Eva S.
  • This service was handled with the utmost of care. Thank you

    Shirley M.
  • Veteran's service offerings exceptional. Very appreciative of funeral home contacting & arranging veteran's service offerings.

    Brenda R.
  • I would highly recommend Arrington Funeral Home (Bob) to others. Thank you so much for all you did to help us. May God Bless

    Linda S.
  • Bob and the entire Arrington Funeral Directors team were the consummate professionals in the way they handled my mother's funeral. So kind, concerned, loving, & professional. I love those guys & can't recommend them enough.

    Clark S.
  • We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did assisting us with the funeral. You were kind, compassionate and very professional in every way. We appreciated all the time you spent on the video tribute. It was very well done. Many people commented how nice all the pictures looked and how well the minister did. Thank you for making all the calls and suggesting Friday night for the service. May God bless you and your family. You work in beautiful surroundings and are comforting to grieving people.

    B.W. and J.W.
  • We just wanted to say Thank You so very much for grasping our families like we were your own. We thought we had everything taken care of but we just fell apart and you were there to put all the pieces together for us.

    S. and M. Families
  • Thank you so much for the kind words and the beautiful tapestry you did for us. Thank you even more for the great organization and ease of details during this difficult time. It really meant alot not to have to work so hard but still have a very beautiful and memorable service for the beautiful, remarkable woman that was my Mom. God Bless.

  • Just a note to express to you how much we appreciate all you did to make this experience as comfortable to us as you could make it. We feel we gave Daddy a beautiful funeral and we know we chose the right people to guide us. You were so caring and comforting to us when we needed you to be. Thank you for your time, your expertise and your heart. You made us feel secure and that gave us peace.

  • I'd like to once again express my deepest gratitude to you for helping us begin to make an unimaginable tragedy into something beautiful. Your generosity toward the deeply grieving family is a gift to them - and to us - beyond words. Thank you for opening your heart and showing profound compassion when we needed you.

    A Methodist Minister
  • We would like to express how thankful we are for all your help. You did a great job helping us get organized. The tapestry you had made for us is beautiful. It truly depicts her life. Family, food and flowers were her theme. Thank you for the kindness and love you have shown our family. We appreciate everything.

  • We thank you for handling the funeral arrangements. You handled evrything to the last detail so efficiently and calmly. It was comforting to see you when you picked up Dad. We will always remember your kindness and your gentle caring manner.